Thesis attempts

-Advertising lies somewhere between a fine line of standing out and blending in
-Advertising straddles between standing out and blending in
-We as humans have a need to grow into our built environment
-We as humans have a need to grow into our surroundings
-We human beings are struck by an urge to camouflage with our surroundings
-We human beings camouflage in society to become accepted (through the use of clothing, speech, mannerisms and many other conscious or unconscious choices)


Dilhan said...

Just wanted to say that this seems to be going somewhere really interesting.

What you said about advertising and and the quote about art and camouflage are pretty interesting. it is fun to follow your progress.

and regarding the urge of human beings to camouflage themselves within their surroundings, identity issues come to mind. people try to blend in the environment of their choice, and in the process they differentiate themselves from some others.

............................ said...

i wonder about the idea of advertising as the entirety of graphic design?

or, don't you mean it that way?


Lauren Wolff said...

advertising can be "human" advertising as well to go even further.....yes!