The Art of Camo by Phil Patton

The Art of Camo from Voice: AIGA Journal of Design

Camouflage, you might think, is about blending in. But just as often, and especially these days, it's about standing out. Camouflage hides shapes by generating hints of many other possible shapes. Instead of staying silent, in other words, camouflage succeeds by being noisy: it hides signal with noise. Socially and esthetically, too, camouflage is more and more often about advertising allegiance.

Camouflage mag

Camouflage Magazine just launched by Tank Design Firm. Some favorites featured: Photographer Bela Borsodi and Illustrator Stina Persson. Not directly related to camouflage 'artwork' or studies but well designed and content rich.



animal skins

Antique french children's papercraft. I found it on flickr from a girl named pilllpat(agence eureka)


Camouflage at Imperial War Museum

YAY Camouflage Exibition in London at The Imperial War Museum. here I come!



More Richard Burbridge

from Another Magazine- rep by art+commerce


"macro" posters 1.0 sketches

Working Thesis

Our human relationship to the world is molded by an inherent urge to blend in with our surroundings.


Thesis attempts

-Advertising lies somewhere between a fine line of standing out and blending in
-Advertising straddles between standing out and blending in
-We as humans have a need to grow into our built environment
-We as humans have a need to grow into our surroundings
-We human beings are struck by an urge to camouflage with our surroundings
-We human beings camouflage in society to become accepted (through the use of clothing, speech, mannerisms and many other conscious or unconscious choices)

Diagram 2.2

This is a map of the words/concepts in relation to work I have made and objects that are important to me.