Camouflage at Imperial War Museum

YAY Camouflage Exibition in London at The Imperial War Museum. here I come!



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from Another Magazine- rep by art+commerce


"macro" posters 1.0 sketches

Working Thesis

Our human relationship to the world is molded by an inherent urge to blend in with our surroundings.


Thesis attempts

-Advertising lies somewhere between a fine line of standing out and blending in
-Advertising straddles between standing out and blending in
-We as humans have a need to grow into our built environment
-We as humans have a need to grow into our surroundings
-We human beings are struck by an urge to camouflage with our surroundings
-We human beings camouflage in society to become accepted (through the use of clothing, speech, mannerisms and many other conscious or unconscious choices)

Diagram 2.2

This is a map of the words/concepts in relation to work I have made and objects that are important to me.